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Household chores can be more fun with music!

Household chores are never-ending as any mum will tell you. Why not get them done to the tune of some of your favorite music and they will not seem so tedious.

Belting out with Queen while cleaning out my kitchen is really quite fun. Softer music while the kids are napping works just as well in sorting out the laundry.

How do you play your music as you do your household chores?

Amazon Echo allows you hands-free convenience. This is so handy especially when you are in the midst of doing your housework. Now no need to worry that your hands are wet or dirty. It is voice controlled and it can even hear you from across the room with the music playing.

 Amazon Echo

Hands-free speaker just using your voice


Enjoy the amazing sound from your Echo while you work. Doing your chores will be time to listen to your favorite songs in the midst of a busy day with the kids.

The Echo connects to the Alexa Voice Service so that you can not only play your music, you can also ask for information, news, weather and more. All at the sound of your voice.


Create playlist of upbeat songs to accompany household chores


Spotify is free to sign up. You can listen for free on any of your devices. Create your own playlist. I have a premium account which means that I can even listen to my favorite music offline. The family premium account allows you to share the service with up to 6 accounts at a low premium. The one condition is that they must all stay at the same address. Each account can save their own preferred music and playlists.

So make light work of the household chores with some hot music. Mopping the floor is great to the tune of dance music.

There is a 30 day free trial. To subscribe to their premium account is $14.99 with access to millions of songs of all genres and ad free.


The other popular streaming music provider is Pandora. Unfortunately Pandora is only available in USA, Australia and New Zealand. So if you reside outside USA, Spotify is the way to go.

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